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Today we are featuring Little Lulu's cartoons.

Little Lulu: Eggs Don't Bounce

Little Lulu is sent to buy eggs, but breaks them on the way home. Her imagination runs wild as she contrives what fantastical punishments she might endure for her carelessness. Then Lulu passes a barn on the way home and decides to replace her broken eggs with fresh ones from the feisty hen, Henrietta.

Little Lulu: Bargain Counter Attack

Little Lulu wreaks havoc in a city department store. Animation by Nick Tafuri, John Walworth and Tom Golden. Scenics by Anto Loeb. Music by Winston Sharples. Story by Bill Turner and Otto Mesmer. Produced in 1946.


Little Lulu: Cad and Caddy

Lulu plans her revenge against a distressed golfer who refuses to give her a lollipop after he promised her one for caddying for him.
This cartoon is just plain lunacy. It has some very good slapstick laughs in it and certainly keeps your interest.

Little Lulu: Bored of Education

Little Lulu: Bored of Education is a classic cartoon featuring Little Lulu and her classmate Tubby as they experience a series of events out of a history book. 

Produced in 1946, now in the Public Domain.


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