Little things in life

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The little things in life are the ones that makes one happy.

The stressful life that we lead, the hurried drive through the traffic to work, all these don't add up.  But somehow the brighter things in life don’t get through.

Is there anything more exciting than the sunny Sunday morning with a hot bacon sandwich?  

However if you take time to watch the times of pleasure around us, they will add a spark to your life and make the world warmer and pleasing place to dwell.

Waking up on your day off, the first day of sunshine after a cold day of winter, making someone smile, turning a corner and seeing the beach, the ocean crashing against the shore, smelling the sea air, feeling the sand in-between your toes, crushing the crunchy leaf,  being the first to step into a fresh field of brilliant dazzling beautiful white snow.

Your pet dog happy to see you, no matter how long you have been away, Fridays afternoons, Saturday mornings, walking on the fresh grass bare feet,  reliving your childhood memories of games, a glimmer of excitement when similar experiences come to light, a goal in the last minute, breaking those bubbles on that bubble wrap, being inside on a cold rainy day, the list is endless.

Reading these small things that make you happy is one thing and the visual impact that one gets when you actually watch them is something different.

That is what Sorcha Anglim did. He strung all these together to make a short movie of three minute duration.


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