Live Life and Joed's Lutong Hapon Restaurants Review

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Weekends had to be spent with family, right? So this Saturday, James and I went out to find good and affordable places to try new food at. But aside from that, we further had a bunch of delayed errands and tasks on our To-Do list so we had to be early so we could check all of those listed.

Today's blog is a review of a sort for the Cebu restaurants that we had dined in this Saturday. And a little snippet of my journal hunts before 2018 ends.

Brunch at Live Life

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Our Nikon camera had been acting weird for a couple of weeks now, it is best to have it checked and repaired if possible. As per Google Maps, Nikon's service center and showroom is located at Escario Street along Axis building and so it was our first errand for the day.

We reached at eleven in the morning, hungry because we only had shakes and bread earlier, we looked for a place to have brunch prior to admitting the camera. We found Live Life.

James and I had been planning to visit this restaurant because it features all vegetarian food options and we loved Lunhaw Cafe which is just situated a few minutes walk from here. We believe it also offers great food, not to mention, healthy.

The ambiance of Live Life

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Tall glass made walls always make a restaurant's ambiance extra fresher, it also paves the way for the possible customers to see what's inside, curiosity will surely help with marketing and because of that, it is very important to have a clean and bright interior and Live Life ultimately provided that.

Outside are green plants surrounding the eatery, I noticed that their restaurant name's lettering from outside is filled with some lushes and ferns I guess but they had withered and a little lifeless. I assumed that they have their own timing when it comes to refilling that, we were just unlucky to be there at this time of the month.

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The hot weather encouraged us to get inside immediately even before the restaurant opened up. They are open from 11 AM to 10 PM daily. The crew allowed us to get in and after that they switched the restaurant status to open.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I totally believe this is the restaurant's motto because they are just sparkling clean! The floors are very attractive with those Mediterranean patterns and colors. A wall from the far end of the room was also painted with colorful leaves and lushes with Live Life in them, it was a perfect spot to have your Instagram poses which I did too.

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Our table was just enough for two with space just right for a few plates and orders. I love the chairs as well, they had different styles and colors but they compliment each other that although the restaurant isn't that big enough, the numerous tables are well fitted with no issues with walking space.

Food and Pricing

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James ordered his Veggie Ham and fries, Sticky Mango Rice for dessert and I asked for their Pesto Pasta. We also asked them to serve us with service water only.

Live Life's pricing is a bit higher compared to that of Lunhaw cafe. But food wise is just equally good. Serving was also just enough for a single person except for that of the Sticky Mango rice which was at a small portion.

Our total bill was at Php 550 for our brunch.

Crew and Service

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I have no negative thing to say about the crew or even the service because we were the first customers so serving took only a few minutes and the crews were very fast in providing our requests.

Also, it is given that they'll be able to attend right away because the restaurant is just small so they can see right away if a certain guest needs anything.

Dinner at Joed's Lutong Hapon

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In between brunch and dinner, we went to different places, checking off different tasks. First, we didn't find the Nikon service center as it has closed and relocated itself in Manila. So we went directly to Starbucks, had coffee to chill while it was scorching hot. Then we went to the Yamaha service for our motorcycle maintenance.

Then to Ayala Center to check out some laptops and then to SM Cebu Mall to park while we went to APM mall to get our camera checked at Macy's Camera Shop.

It was past six when we reached Macy's, I was already starving. After surrendering the camera gear, we proceed to Joed's Lutong Hapon for dinner.


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Joed's Lutong Hapon is a budget-friendly Japanese food restaurant. The owner has currently two branches, this in APM mall is the second branch while the first one is in Mabolo.

The place has the usual Japanese ambiance, with lanterns and plastic Sakura trees. This has been their decoration ever since we started dining here. A huge circular poster with Koi fishes and the restaurant name hanged on the service wall.

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

It is still clean and I love their wooden tables and walls. The temperature was also fine, it was just cool enough for us not to sweat over the hot canton and also not too cold for us to still enjoy the cold fruit ice cream!

Food and Pricing

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As mentioned, this is a budget-friendly Japanese food hub so most of their food options are pretty affordable and is obviously cheaper compared to the other eateries offering the same type.

However, the better pricing doesn't mean their food quality has been compromised because what was served to us were still good. Not that I am a Japanese food expert, its just that I liked the taste and pretty finished all my orders, one Oyakudon, one California Maki while James ordered his Spicy Seafood Canton and fruit ice cream too for the dessert.

Crew and Service

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There was only one server around but nothing's wrong about that because again, we were the only customers around. So food was served in time and we had good music too in the background.

Weekends are great to spend with the people you love, in my case, it is James, my husband plus it is better to spare this day eating out good food over sweet conversations and practicing photography.


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