Liverpool beats Manchester city in British premier league

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Liverpool in its twenty-fifth anniversary of Hydlzbro incident with victory against Manchester city, has taken step forward to championship in British premier league.

Liverpool for its extraordinary performance was able to celebrate its tenth consecutive victory in this season.

David Selwa by presenting the best playing has scored the first goal for Liverpool and his pause after reaching Saimon Minola kipper of Manchester city equalized the game.

12 minutes to the end of the game Winste captain of Manchester city’s mistake, Philip Cotinio’s shot from penalty area has scored the second goal for Liverpool to insure Liverpool victory in this game.

Referee failed to see his mistake in penalty area and it caused to end the game in favor of Liverpool.

If Liverpool win four coming games consecutively this will be their first championship in British premier league after 25 years, but this team will face in one of its crucial games with their great rival, Chelsea in Anflied stadium and the team has big chance to win the match because they are host of Chelsea in their home land.




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