Living A Happier Life

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How to live a happier life


There are five rules to live a happier life.

Love Yourself.
First,you have to love yourself. Definitely, right? How can you love others if you do not love yourself. How can you take care of other if you do not know how to take care of yourself. So simple, you can not give what you do not have. We are not talking about self love and vanity here. What we are referring to is how you value and give regard to yourself. If you love yourself, automatically goodness in you will overflow and it will be shared to the people around you and your fellowmen as a whole.

Do Good Things.
Secondly, you have to do good things, to yourself, your family, your fellowmen, the society as a whole, to the environment both living and non living things. Your good deeds will always bear good fruits. All the people and the things around you are interconnected with your life and it reflects what kind of person are you.

Always Forgive.
Thirdly, as God commanded us, forgive so that you will be forgiven. All those who are forgiven on earth are also forgiven by God in heaven. As the song goes, forgive and forget so that you can move on and make your life better and prosperous. Forgiving is not only by words but also by heart, deep inside your whole being.

Harm No One.
We are commanded by God to love your neighbor as yourself. If you love your neighbor, you will not harm them nor hurt them or make things to let them fail and fall. Treating your fellowmen as yourself will be the assurance that you will not harm them. Only foolish will harm themselves for the sake of no one or nothing at all.

Be Positive.
As mentioned earlier, to identify and feel the presence of positive, the negative must always be there as an opposite factor. If the you put on more positive, it magnetize and pull up the power of positive energy. The more positive your outlook in life, the more success and happiness it will bring back to you. The positive vibes will always bring home the bacon for the festive and happy life.

You always deserve to live and happy and prosperous life. The above are not actually rules but only guide how to live must and fair life in order have happiness that we dreamed of. Happiness is a viral mood, if you are happy the people around tend to be happy too. Spread the happiness within yourself and eventually it will also spread to the people around and in turn they will also share that happiness to the people around then.

Smile! Don't worry and be happy. God bless you all.


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