Living in The Netherlands

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Thought living my own country is easy as what I think.  Found out  living in The Netherlands is very challenging not to mention their  language.  That until now  I still need to take my  " reading, and listening"  exam.  Kind of pressure also since  it will be 3 years since I arrived here and I need to pass that said exam otherwise I will be sent home.

Inf fairness to the dutch people, I am also amazed how people greet each other in the street, your neighbors,  cashier,  and in other public places,   even if you don't know each other.  And to be honest am still learning and adjusting their positive attitude.

Lastly, if we Filipino's is very popular for being  hospitable to our guests, dutch people  I can  say is the other way around. You need to   ask an appointment if you like to visit a friend. :) A tea or coffee will be served.   And  you need to leave before  6PM for it  is dinner time for the family.  Unless family invites for that said  dinner. 




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