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We are living in the 21st century where inventions and new forms of technologies are coming every day and changing the world. New innovative products and appliances are making the life easier. But if we talk about Pakistan we are still lack of access to basic human needs like food, shelter, education and off course electricity. Electricity is now the basic need of life. The recent power crisis in Pakistan is directly affecting a common man and to economy of Pakistan and it is getting worse day by day.

Urban areas are facing 8 to 12 hours load shedding whereas rural areas with 12 to 18 hours and it may also increase in future. It doesn’t matter whether it is winter or summer, load shedding is always there.

Shortage of electricity is causing high prices. This also affects the small and large industries. People are shutting down their industries and many already shifted their industries to other countries. There is also another inequality that this shortage is only for common man not for rich one. Corrupt, inefficient staff of electric power departments and mismanagement is also the cause of problem.

Government is getting billions of loans why don’t they use it to overcome this serious issue. Government must invest to cover up the line losses. Large industries can also produce energy by their own investments this will reduce the load by a margin.

Energy conservation measures should be taken through different campaigns using electronic and print media. Pakistan has a huge resources of coal we should use them for power generation. More and more small and large dams should be built. Outdated transmission and distributing system must be replaced. Alternative energy like wind turbines and solar power can be used to reduce the shortage on Ad hoc basis.

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