Load shedding

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Load shedding is the direct result of the gap between demand and supply of current. In order to cope with the shortage of power generation the authority concerned stops the flow of electricity to a certain area for a certain period . This is load shedding . When the supply of current to an area is stopped, the whole area plunges into darkness .Life comes almost to a stand still . the mills and factories stop functioning immediately .Load shedding usually lasts for one or two hours . but sometimes it lasts for several hours, even for days together. 

As a result , production in mills and factories is intercepted seriously . The economy suffers huge loss . Due to power failure at night , the students can not prepare their lesson . Their is hampered .In the of baking heat of summer load shedding is the most awful experience . The air conditioners , fans do not work .Refrigerators stop functioning . Foods and medicines are spoil. So load shedding is a cures . We want to get ride of this situation. 

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