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Today is August 24, 2014 and its already lunch time  when i woke up late because of my work in the evening  shift. So i though it would be  more detailed and factual to me, co- members and bitlanders admin to show concrete datas to give real analyis as what is really happening  with the scoring system.  So i thought it  beneficial to  "log and monitor  to compute works" here in bitlanders.

Starting data :  August 24, 2014  /12:16 pm

 top of the head cover earnings per day, notifications (subsribers) buzz score with +, i have noticed that there was already an increased of +1 with the base buzz which was 55 before


This the data of the following , below the head cover are  the number of  members i am following , my subscsribers and the base buzz score which is not in conflict with the base buzz score on top which is 56

SUMMARY OF THE COMPUTED BASE BUZZ 56 ( means the computation of 56 from blogging, film making, influence and sharing ( how much of each one that is what i dont know)



        The graph shows the  daily changes on the final buzz scores per day and estimated earnings (estimate because after a month the final computation will be done, after advertisers payments)



FROM THE DATA ABOVE , WE WILL DETERMINE THE NEXT DAY August 25 ,  THE CHANGES . Shown above that will make make some effects are the notifications from subscribers, who are waiting for my reply  about 13 as of the last counting and there are already +9 , i don"t know what that + 9 means.  Adding that will effect changes would be my other additional inputs posting this article,  then if i will invite more subscribers to read the blog and sharing the post to other  social media sites and the search results on Google, so we will see.



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