Logging In Just To Claim This!

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Am I being greedy again? Haha! I can't deny that I am one of those lazy members here in bitlanders. hoho! Or am I just alone being a lazy user? Anyway, this is one of the trends in here eh! That's why I am doing this as well. *giggles* I bet all of you here are already aware on how to complete this task. 5 satoshis isn't that bad, right? 

Hmm. If you're wondering how to complete this kind of task, I think you must read sis Saori's blog about it! ^_^ That is a big help for you! Here's the LINK. Nah, don't hesitate to click that! hihi. That isn't a virus. Trust me :P Mehehehe :) Have fun claiming satoshis as well! ^_^

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