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Travelers who want to take a trip to distante cities or  frequently have to decide whether they would prefer to taravel by land, sea or air. there are different means of transportation such as ;cars, ships and airplanes.

hardly anyone can enjoy sitting in a train for more than few hours.

Train compartments soon get restricted and stuffy.

It is almost impossible to take your mind of the journey.

Reading is only partial solution, for the droning rhythm of the wheesl clicking on the rails  soon lulls you to sleep.

During the day, sleep comes in snatches.

At night, when you really wish to go to sleep, it will be difficult for you to do so.

Long car journeys have also dificulties;it is very hard for you to read anything.

However, traveling at motorway is fairly safe and you can drive at the high speed.

but when you use highways and side roads, you are facing a lot of problems, because the greater part of your trip is spent on narrow, bumpay roads which are crowded with traffic.

Teaveling by ships is relatively good and it has variety of comports, you can stretch your legs the spacious decks, play games, swim, meet intesting people and enjoy good food when the sea is calm and the weater is pleasant.

If it is not, and you are likely to get sea-sick, no from of transport or means of travel could be worse than ships.

Anotjer problem of sea journy is that it takes a long time to arrive at destination.

Nonetheless, if you take your trip by airplanes, you will enjoy it more than any othre means of transportation.

Traveling at a high of 30, 000 feet, for above the cluds and at over 500 milrs an hour is an exhilarating experience, you do not have to devise ways of taking your mind off the gourney, for an ariplane gets you to your destination rapidly.

for a few hours, you settle back in a beep armchair to enjoy the flight .

An airplane offers you an ynunual and breathtaking view of the world.

you soar effortlessly over high mountains and deep valleys.if landscape is hidden from view, you can enjoy the extraordinary sight of unbroken cloud plains thet stretch out for miles before you, while the sun shines brilliantly in a clear sky.

The journey is so snooth that there is noting to prevent you from reading or sleeping.

you will arrive at your destination fresh and rela.

you will not have to stand the next few days recovering from a lot and difficult journey. 

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