Looking Back At My Stats..

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It's been 6 months ago since I registered here but it was only after a month when I've decided to try out the site. For the span of 5 short months, I've already shared and buzzed a lots of posts, the funny one, the dramatic, the silly, the green ones and as well as the informative ones. When it comes to buzzing posts, I don't mind buzzing a lot of your posts no matter how few you give back in return. I'm thoughtful like that! =))

Maybe if I did not rest for more than a month, I would probably have buzzed more exceeding the 105,000 sharing stats. Another thing is, for 5 short months I didn't noticed that I was able to do more than 100 blogs. I started submitting multiple blogs a day 1 and half month ago I think. Also, I am thankful about my Influence stats. It was more than 20,000! Woah! That's a lot. Thankyou guys! I am more than happy =))

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