As I cannot add more than one photo per post now, but wished to share some of the views from my walk with you, all I can do is write more posts. I really miss that we can´t do picture posts anymore and miss them from my connections too. &katerina who also live´s in the Mediterranean, but in Greece not Spain, used to do stunning picture posts of her island. I personally love most of the changes here on bubbles, but this is still a negative for me and others too I guess.

I took this picture from the grounds of a villa that´s seldom used and is situated in the valley at the side of my place. As you can see there are cultivated fields down there where Olives, peaches, grapes, Carob and almonds are grown.

The mountains at the back of the fields used to be really green, but was hit badly by the wildfire and is still recovering from it. Thankfully the cultivated "Clean" land kept the valley greener as the fire had nothing to catch onto and spread, and also the house´s, many of which have pine tree´s growing around them were actively saved from catching alight by firefighting aircraft and ground crews. I have friends who don´t have other house´s nearby or cultivation and when they returned after the fire their garden was the only green thing around in a huge sea of blackness.

Image Credit my own