Looking for Mr. Perfect

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Girls, when you hear the word "Mr. Perfect", what comes into your mind?

Option A: a guy who has the best features ever. Handsome face, muscular body, sense of style and height? A guy who definitely grabs the attention of a lot of girls especially when he is in a crowded place?

Option B: a bachelor who possesses luxurious things in life. Condominiums, chain of 5-star hotels, expensive wheels, yachts and a real estate? A powerful man who can surprise you with bouquet of flowers every day, expensive jewelries, a candlelit dinner in a classy restaurant?

Or option C: a matured man with a very good heart who can't offer you any material thing but his pure love, faithfulness and respect. A man who is willing to treat you as his queen, serves you with all his might, and can proudly tell everyone how much he is in-love with you.

So girls, tell us. If you were asked to choose, which among these choices will you consider the most and why? Please be realistic everyone.

And how about you guys, what can you say about the girl's choice? Hope to hear comments from you readers.


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