Looking Out

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Looking out of the sliding glass door
As I am typing this article here
I watch as the squirrels come up to play
And look for seed from a bird feeder above

The sparrows are perching on the bird feeder
Enjoying the fresh bounty of seed placed there
While purposely or so it may seem to me
Toss down seeds to the squirrels below

While in the trees or one of the other feeders
Other birds are singing to one another
And butterflies flutter from flower to flower
Delighting in the nectar the flower provides

And in the fountain a gray dove enjoys the spray
As the cascading water flows down over and over
Letting him (or her it could be) bathe the dust away
Then to get a drink before flying off yonder

The sun shine bright and is approaching the patio
It won't be long til the blind will have to be drawn
Blocking the view to keep the inside cool here
Til late in the day when I can again enjoy the view

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