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Right now my favorite tool for SEO has definitely been MOZ. They released their service this year and for $100 you can manage 5 campaigns, 300 keywords, and audit websites to get their SEO up to speed. There isn't as sharp a learning curve like the other tools out there and they even have a very illustrated tutorial for beginners.  I can't say enough good things about them.

FollowerWonk actually existed by itself before MOZ. MOZ acquired them and threw them into their service bundle. What FollowerWonk does is it lets you analyze Twitter accounts pretty intensely:

- You can compare multiple accounts at a time and look specifically for overlap and social authority

-You can analyze the followers and following of an account to check its authenticity 

-You can grade the social authority of accounts to see if what they're putting out there is relevant, engaging, and purposed or if its just automated crap

Here on Film Annex we pay you for your contributions to the community, but using other social media outlets allows you to get your content out there. You can share your thoughts and ideas more and more. For those want-to-be Twitter superstars I would definitely look at FollowerWonk.

The truth is my followers are very varied. I've done work with very different clients and I've been into a lot of different circles. I guarantee you all my followers aren't interested in everything I have to say, but with Wonk I can target those specifically that are - and create content specifically for them.

That's how I have nearly 4K followers and now you know my secret. Go get em!


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