Lotus Exige S2

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Ever seen a car that resembles a working sweet shop? Then get ready to view the most uniquely designed racing car of this era, the Lotus Exige S2. There are times when car lovers crave for something special and unique. Exige S2 matches the expectation of these people in the best possible way. Can a speedster have such unique shape and design? It's difficult to believe unless the Exige S2 appears before the eyes. Car lovers will always crave for this particular speedster to display in their collection range. The S2 Exige model from Lotus was launched in the year 2004. The S2 version is much different than its predecessor S1 in terms of engine performance as well exterior design. The S2 Exige is capable of reaching a top speed limit of 148 mph. The car is available in the price range of £29,000 -£38,000.

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