Love and be loved in return

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I have came across many realizations in my life. Through my old experiences, I transform into someone who's more learned and stronger. I am an emotional fighter. I cry when I have problems but that's how I usually deal with it.

When I have bursted out my tears, I feel relief. That's how I let out my stress and after that, everything will follow.

Acceptance, is one of the major things that I have encountered. It is a very effective way for me to be able to absorb everything whether it makes me happy or it simple breaks my heart. Nevertheless, having that awareness of reality is better than walking in a path full of chocolate-coated lies.

Being love and be loved in return, is what I think the best feeling that one can get. After facing all the hurtful episodes in my life, there is this person who always makes me realize that I should not worry. It is because this person will not give up on our love.

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