Love and Hate relationship of Eminem and Kim

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               Slim shady that’s what we call Eminem the best of 21st century. As we all know that most of the Eminem’s raps are based on his personal life and his issues with his wife Kim Mather’s. Well this year Kim and Eminem will complete 25 years of their always messy relationship.
               Eminem and Kim started dating when Eminem was 15 years old and Kim was 13, in 16th year Kim ran away from home with her sister and shifted in with Eminem and his mother. In year 1995 Kim got pregnant and gave birth to their beautiful daughter Hailie but this didn’t sorted the issues between Eminem and Kim and one year later they broke up. Kim shifted to 1 bedroom apartment with her daughter Hailie. In year 1999 Eminem and Kim again came back together and this time they got married for the first time. Eminem was busy with his job and most of the time he stays away from home which made Kim so lonely at her house, once Eminem planned to give Kim a surprise so he visited a night club where Kim was found kissing one of the bouncer. This incident made Eminem loses his temper and Eminem had a very serious fight with that bouncer. After this they filed for their divorce.
                     After 6 years of separation Eminem and Kim again in a relationship because Eminem called Kim to stay with him for some time for the sake of their children and during that time they again fall for each other. This time they called off their divorce and officially announced about their second marriage. But after one month of their marriage Kim had a very serious argument with Eminem’s brother due to which Eminem decided to end up his marriage with Kim and this time they finally divorced. They took the responsibility of their daughter Hailie and and Eminem took the complete responsibility of his adopted daughter Alaina and Kim’s daughter Whitney.

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