Love cinema, Hate piracy?

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If you are a casual or a hardcore cinemagoer, I guess you’ve seen that advert. The dusty unused cinema seats and the people covered in dust, for some unknown reason. White text on a black background “Love cinema hate piracy”. I agree piracy is not an option for me as cinema is where film is best consumed. But with rising cinema prices and piracy at an all time high through easy access, I fear for the future of cinema.


For a family a treat such as the cinema can be an expensive couple of hours. That’s not even including the usual popcorn and drinks. Even with the discounts such as 2 for 1 orange Wednesday and various other discounts, it takes the sting out of a costly experience.  This makes going to the cinema a tough thought, as the consumer has to be safe with their choice. Rewarding mainstream films that they know they will enjoy and lower the revenue for independent films. This creates the divided box office market that we see year in year out.


With cinema prices nearly twice the hourly minimum wage. Cinema bosses are surprised about the lack of tickets sold and piracy becoming the go to option to consume the latest releases. There are two options available to combat piracy. The first and more favourable would be to lower the cinema prices to a more acceptable standard. The other would be informing the Internet service provider (ISP) to block the leading torrent and illegal streaming websites. Although the second option is more likely, if prices where cheaper the attraction of going to the cinema will be more feasible for family and I believe that the privacy figures would decrease.


Piracy will never disappear because the temptation of getting a film for free is always going to be there. But I believe the public don’t want to consume poor quality films by illegal means. If you have the option between paying a lower amount but consuming film legally would you? Why do you think Netflix and love film are so popular? So dear cinema advert I believe that to love cinema would to make it more accessible, in order to compete with piracy.

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