Love does not love me ...

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His son, we can ask many people at once, affection for people, and trampled upon the love of the woman he truly loves. He initially could love you more than I love you, see you more important than usual habit, but then later, their only child was lonely, exhausted, fought back with a bland that he leave .


He walked away loudly. Out of the affair that her two children had written. In all the circumstances, the girl always receive the most disadvantaged sections. It makes people feel miserable most, is when people leave each promising a lot of things. And until everything turned upside down, they end up going clothes as what ever happens in life.

Love must come from both sides. No matter what gender, age group, once found himself in love with each other before, is this game, I was a loser. Loser, because I love them a lot. Losers, because they do not love themselves.



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