" Love is blind..??"

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Love is blind….???




3)To Whom should we do

4)To Whom we should’nt

5)Presence of mind

6)What we should do

7)It need logic


9)Mesmerizing Tale

10)                 Love is belief



It is based on series of unexpected of what you do with whom you loved,either it is based on trust,action,affection and expect nothing except love and loyalty.Love is a fragrance which spreads out from your thoughts and action which must be full of  sincerity and amicable.You should have faith that nothing can last best as love.Truetale






As I think when human being came into existance love has been also taken birth on ther side .Because there is no chance of human race to excel for their surival if it has no mercy ,kind o belief of giving  without en expected.We can name that in other way is giving up your desires for someone who is more wrorhty than anyone in your life.Love  you can found in the form of parents or yours beloved one who cares about you .Who demands surity and safety whatever where are you .Love existed and proved as powerful thing for the human race to enable for their survival back centuries and multiple centuries ago to in future when to an end to come.




To Whom should we do;

It is necessary to clear that we are loving to someone either it is rightful or not because someone who is loved could miuse of your  affection.I think if you realy want to put your efforts then make sure yet at periority are your parents then siblings after all yours beloved came at numbers .Because they never let you down at any case whatever the conditions are and situation are facing .They belive in you,and they will always.Just you have to do to keep their believe in you alive .That will enable to believe in someone who need s that kind of affection in future.




To Whom we should’nt;

Yes I believe that love can be a trap when yo are meeting a someone who is really sharp and can use it to their benefits clearly.the person who do love blindly  could be execute himself by someone who really want someone to be .So First Judge who came in a position to claim that I love you be cause it is not a game it is the name of sacrifices so in these days no one can do it delibrately.Yet have purpose to proceed all these activity.Judge yourself before going in either you can mange to survive or driving yourself into a deep dark river.soothinyourlife




Presence of mind;

Everything to be accomplished needs presence of mind .So why not love,because  at that position you are giving yours life ,sacrifices and happines into someone other’s hand.So someone must be clear about this .Presence of mind needs to be fit mentally and practically and you have rules on which claiming person can be done accurately otherwise he oe she in the position of in between .Presence of mind to be so analytically fit and very sharp about your future yes you should be.



What we should do;

We should’nt do anything if claiming authority is right about their claim because it is obiviously clear actions speak louder and clear then use of words or playing with words.Make good statements about your rightful authority if it is acceeded then you must have that person who should be said as right man or women for your future mate that will keep you safe and prosper .Because human can be judged by his action not by words so man of action can keep you alive and put you in good direction if hard time came on you.

Love is an abstract thing if someone is hoping to reveal it in front then he  or she is living in the world of fools.Because love is fragrance which based on the words ,confessions,action of loving and trust .You can care someone deeply but loving to someone demands your honor and respect to that person who is loved.

Everyone who is loved thinks that he or she is blessed  I will say not becauselove is just a wod you need to look into deep very well.




It needs Logic;

Yes love someone blindly drive will you into wher there is no alley of returning .Because love is name of emotions  once it derived you ll be bound yourself into someone others thoughts.It is so difficult to judge someone who is claiming because he or she is claiming about that thing which hav’nt any shape.So you must clear yourself and posses analtical mind to attain yours goal of life for survival.If you did’nt check at that fence then you ll become a ball that scrolled by everyone here and there.







Ø Love is a perfume which make everything cherishable.

Ø Love ends dishonesty.

Ø It made yours life full of joy.

Ø It made your view very clear about affection.

Ø Love does’nt put you aside from practical life except to make love everyone without any discrimination.  

Ø It  positioned you agt high ranks of respectable ones.

Ø Love made your image very soft and smooth rather then image of cruel.

Ø It proves that still there is humanity exists .

Ø Love inhale love and excrete out devilish things from you.

Ø It stopped you from wishing everything but sticking you basic needs of life.





                       Mesmerizing Tale;

Since from the beginnig of the human raace man supposed to do love and believe in love and did some great sacrifices when it is demanded.Likewise Heer Ranjha,Shereen Farhad and some in abroad like Romeo Juliet all they loved ,died and lived themselves in the history of humankind.And it set example for the rest of others.life



Love is belief;

Yes love is belief and never it will die,and it will persuaded throught one to others.Yet it demands complete believe to achieve hence it is hard




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