Love is the Highest Law

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Let me introduce to all of my subscribers from all over the world my good friend and partner @LOL_LILY.  She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and just an angel.  Please, follow her on FilmAnnex

I'd never wrote about my so to say "occupation" here, and to be honest, I don't like to talk about it. I was a different person in Russia, here in New York I started everything from scratch. I was not happy of what I was doing for living and never passionate of any of my jobs here. But things are changing. I met Lily, felt in love with her upcoming documentary, believed in success of this project, supported her.  And here we go, her movie became a part of my life. 

Now I'm proud to say that I'm producing a documentary movie, which, I believe, will make some noise, if I do everything right. The trailer to "Love is the Highest Law" is already available on our website Please, check it out and you will make sure, we are doing something huge and important. I am happy to do my business, finally,  to get closer to my real profession, to who I am and what I can do. 

I have a feeling that our collaboration with Lily will change our lives, and hopefully lives of our characters and everyone to whom it may concern. We are doing a movie about the violation of LGBT rights not because we are a gay couple. We are not ;) But should you be a disable to support disables, or a homeless to support homeless people? We just fight against the injustice and stagnancy of the society. Are you with or against us?


I want to express our gratitude to FilmAnnex and @FRANCESCO, who created a perfect platform to promote our movie! 

Bisou, bisou 



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