Love "lightning"

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When your eyes accidentally touches his eyes, I could not help trembling when before I was a boy so attractive! And, since then, I started lie "I've never had a boyfriend" to be closer and more in his side.

Why so, why are you remember about him? We only knew each other alone, but I do not know why I fell in love with him as much.

If you do not do there, maybe you did not know him, maybe you have not to forget his miserable like now! I'm not pretty nor clever, but there's always next to me with his nice guy ... and I also love, love someone deeply and I never thought I would be in love with someone other than the that.

Yet when he had met only a few minutes, it was like love at first sight that, it makes me miss you, want to see you so much. When you see my heart beating so fast, I never found myself confused as when standing in front of him and they both lied to him that I do not love just to get a drink with him.
Although only hang out with him a couple of times but I know he feels very much. I know you like to eat chocolate, said he likes to wear slippers part, that he or wearing stripes, said he enjoyed listening to music, ... I know a lot about him because he is very outspoken and always sociable with everyone, I was conquered by his style, when he was a child and as an adult it is.

He helped me a lot bigger from thinking about how to behave with others, at any time as and when needed to meet ... Sometimes I do not know his feelings for you boys and girls is love or merely a brother to a brother to learn. But I'm very happy to be with him, with him watching football, talk about preferences, future things that I have never been so comfortable talking ... And I see we have a lot of hobbies same as the sea loves to travel, likes watching the moon in the sea, like eating bitter melon, chatty ... I wish her no love, I wish I not deserve a chance, then perhaps, they will pursue him , waiting for the day to hear from him for three hours, "I love you" ... but maybe for you all too late. I've got to walk the path that I have chosen because I know, no man would accept a girl like me.
I do not know what to do and how long it takes to return to reality, with the love that you have chosen, but I know now, I miss you, miss you so much ... And what's more, they also do not want to deceive myself as I know, he never once liked you, I only see you as a sister no more, no less. When you work in this building, because no one knew, so he likes the new body to be friends with you only. From now on, I will not see you again ... and then, he will forget you, girl "plots his lips" as a passer. Anyhow, I still hope that someday, he'll remember me even a fleeting alone!

He remember that, in this place, I was always waiting for you, always remember you and want to hear him sing so much!

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