Love, Peace, Kindness & Humanity

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It is the nature of man to believe that someone created him, his fellow beings, this universe, earth and it’s all creatures. This is called his ideology. There are different religions in this world i.e. Muslims, Christians, Jews and Buddhists. They all believe that there god created them. One group have believes that no created them and they and everything of this universe came into being automatically.

There are different religions on our earth but they have something’s in common. First of all they thought that there is someone who created this universe and all its living things. Second is that they have to die and there is end of this world. These religions stop their followers from bad and evil deeds and preach them to do good and loving deeds.

These all religions have the concept heaven and hell. Believers of these religions thought that man get after life reward according to his deeds in this world. If he had good conducts in this world then he enters to heaven which is full of pleasure and enjoy. But if he had bad conducts more than his good then he enters to hell which is full of sorrow and sadness.

Though all religions have different gods but all of them taught us peace, love, kindness and humanity.

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