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Oh how was I swooned by Love, Rosie

I've been waiting for this movie in our local theaters but yeah, have to wait. The movie is only coming out on December, yes, like I have to wait that looonnng to watch this movie. 

What's the fuss about, you might ask. It's not really much of a revolutionary story to be honest. It's just about Alex Stewart and Rosie Dunne, two best friends who's on the verge of will they, won't they kind of relationship. And also how they get into the struggle of navigating true love. It's a long story really, given the fact that it's a movie adaptation of a book, I just felt the need to read the book first. I am that psyched!! This blog wont do justice for a reliable commentary, really. If only this is available on torrent already.. yeah I am that desperate to watch this film. 

Read the book yourself or if you're being the sloth that you really are then, there's a bunch of trailer on youtube right now. Oh look- here, I posted the trailer for you.


Melted already? I know right! It features High Hopes by Kodaline, which is actually just one of the most awesome bands you'll here right at the very moment. And well, I got the international screening dates for you!


Let me know your thoughts, have you read the book? or even watched the movie yourself? What do you think of the trailer?

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