LOVE U as I am

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Love  is  you

Love you beyond your expectation and without any expectation

Love you more than you can ever think and more than anyone can ever love


Love you as someone loves breath

Love you as a bird loves fly

Love you as a fish loves water

Love you as a child loves its playing

Love you as a mother loves her child

Love you as a worshipper love its God

Love you as a king loves his power

And as a queen loves her beauty

No, don’t love you like any of them

Love you as I am . . .!

Love u as I can

No, love you as anyone ever can. . .


Noticed ?! Love you as this world loves life . . .

I know there is no more love than this in the world

U can’t find with anyone

My love is innocent and mature,

It can’t be released in actions or revealed in words

Ur love is a gift

A gift of my Allah, a gift of my destiny to me

So painful, so breach, so disloyal

But so beautiful and the best

There is through our hearts a way

My beauty of life is from u

yesterday tomorrow and today

By : Henaa " Ahuraa "


About the author


Henaa Ahuraa is 19 years old she is a student of law and political science in kabul university, she likes basketball listening to music n reading books.

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