Love your enemy

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It is easy for us to utter those words, but many times we fail in its actual application. When we are facing problems involving relationships, it is hard for us to apply the principle of loving our enemies. Yes, to love our enemy would be impossible if our heart is not totally convinced to forgive those who have done wrong against us. The Lord said, "you can do nothing without me" Luke 1:37. To forgive and love our enemy would be hard for us to do if God is not in our side to help us. 

We need our God to help us become forgiving. God said, "love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, bless them that curse you..." He has admonished us to show love to the unlovable.We may fail as we strive daily whether to forgive those who seem  to be  undeserving our forgiveness, our God is always on our side to help us become more like him. He want us to be willing to forgive and love our enemy.

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