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Sometimes our idea of love is not the same as what love really means. It is not just about the happy endings and fairy tale like stories. It’s not as predictable and inevitable as we think. It’s not about how a princess waits for her prince to come. Princes and Knight in Shining Armors doesn’t exist in real life. Our idea of love is perfect but is isn’t; it will never be. Love isn’t about how someone saves you from your crap and it isn’t about how someone sees the positive things in you. Love is about how someone sees your flaws but still this someone knows how to accept and love you for who you really are. Love is when you know that someone is ready and willing to stick with you through thick and thin, someone who will never leave your side no matter how hard the situation is. Real love doesn’t last forever. There is no such thing as forever.But you know its real love when you start to feel that forever is real even though you know that it isn’t.

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