Loving our Inner Child

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It is the Inner child who needs reassuring now in life. I have shown my clients to hug themselves as if they were holding the person or pet they love the most. The Inner Child calms when he/she hears words of love. I have said something like, “Little (your name), I love you. I will never leave or abandon you. You are safe with me here and now,” as I am holding and hugging her.

While the adult boldly stands facing adversary it is our Inner Child that worries, fears, hides, hungers, and all the scary things we feel. And the Inner Child responds when we speak and reassure him/her everything is ok. Our Inner Child when loved and hugged will calm both the child and the adult part within us. This small and seemingly insignificant action has big results it transports us from a world of worry and fear to a world where we now feel safe.

To love your Inner Child wrap your arms around yourself as you would hug another person. Hug yourself. Hold the hug, pat his/her back and hug some more. This will reestablish contact and help you as an adult feel better and perhaps even safe.

Repeat often and also as needed.

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