"Lucidez 0" , some drawings before the script

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How is your day? Here we have a nice sunny day and some good music!

In this occasion i want to show to you all, some quick drafts that we made for the script of our first documentary "Lucidez 0". This documentary is a contemplative movie about the light and its relation with the human been. We made it in almost seven or eight months of shooting and its first screening was on 2010.

This drawings are the images that we want to create to divide the different chapters of the movie, these are four chapters, three of them have a concrete tittle and the last one responds to a conceptual moment that we call "Ceguera" (Blindness).

Well! that´s for now!!! 


            Chapter 00 - Opening Tittles 

      Chapter 01 - Lux (Light)

      Chapter 02 - Bioluminiscencia (bioluminescence)

       Chapter 03 - Luminotecnia (Lighting-tech)

 Chapter 04 - Ceguera (Blindness)




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