Lucky folks and the power of Internet.

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Today I was thinking about how our life became more comfortable in comparison with what we had 10 years ago: if you are hungry, it doesn't take you longer than 20 minutes to get food ordered online; if you crave to download some new record on your iPad from internet, the task can be solved within a minute; eventually, if you need to find some information (articles, blogs, etc.)  regarding the topic of your interest, you can easily do it by typing up the keywords of what you want to find on such web-sites as google, yahoo, and etc.



Keywords are one of the most commonly used meta elements. These elements link us to the necessary information. I, for instance, like indie music; and, when I want to find new artists of this genre, I use the keywords "indie music" and "new independent artists". We all know how to find stuff on internet, but just think over it. We can find whatever we need by typing up 1-2 words. We constantly use keywords, and they help us find, reveal something new in the sphere of our interests. This is how I learned about Regina Spektor, one of my favorite artists.



And, since music is a significant part of my life, I easily notice how Internet provides me with everything I need.


I need Internet because of music, and music is the best language around the globe: despite your communicational abilities can be limited, you are not prohibited to love compositions, pieces of music written by a foreign composer, who perhaps doesn't even speak the same language as you. 


Music helps us express whatever we can not express while talking. Often, one sound, one note can reveal the whole sense that is impossible to be said in several sentences. Indeed, music is the best language in terms of expressions, our emotions, such as love, pain, and disturbance. 


Meanwhile, It's been a long time since I've listened to folk music. So, today, while I was reminiscing about those vivid moments of my childhood, when I professionally danced Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian folk dances, I decided to refresh events in my memory. I went on Internet and found those folk songs that I haven't heard for several years! 



Guys! I can't describe what I felt... We underestimate the power of Internet nowadays! We are lucky folks of this planet: we have everything we need to be happy! Remember about it! ;)


Have a good day, guys! And stay aware of how lucky we are! 


Sincerely yours, Ivan K.



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