luxury is this all we need ???

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Hi there everyone!

Good evening to all my fellow bitlanders . How was your day? Trust everything's fine by God's Grace


Fascination of the earthly things. Luxuries, abundance, big house, lots of money, all that glitters the world. Having all of these is not really bad, it's not the money alone can be the sole root of evil but it's the love of it. Many people just can't go on a life without luxury, without all the vises of the world but is this all we need?



Discovering a life centered to the love of God can change all of these. Knowing that when we have God in our hearts we already have everything. Simply because He is the source of all. Luxury is nothing when in a blink of an eye it could turn into ashes. We must realized to have is enough the love of it makes one bad. 

friends are more than a treasure to me.....

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