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Wolf that was supposed to help make the food came, a true story. Photo: File

July was a bright and warm afternoon. A 36-year-old elementary school teacher named Mac haln Canada's Yukon Route No. 1 was traveling by bicycle.

This time he was in Midway and was taking part in the 2,750 mile bicycle tour. He was a resident of Sand Point, Idaho and its floor was Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Missing and Jordan were with him. Both were 36 years of age. Jardin missing bicycle paths and a small error when they stopped to fix it. First, the Mac would stay with them, so they traveled together, do it, but later both missing and Jordan told him: 'You continue your journey. This small error, which we shortly will be right for you and soon. '

The good camping equipment they carry with them were the work of a number of things including specific costumes and extra food. Since they were in no hurry, it was not showing any faster. Relax and enjoy all the aggravating and weather were also present.

After leaving Jordan ..gyb and Mac alone was killed on his bicycle pedal cruising and enjoying every moment of this trip was. I thought that if his handsome wife an enticing smile creeping up on her lips. Then he remembered his two daughters arrived. His wife and two daughters were waiting for him at home. I really think that we will make it a very beautiful place. One day his wife and daughters will surely bring this beautiful place.

Suddenly started crawling like ants in the back of the Mac.When this occurs on your back and your eyes are said to burial. Mac also realized the magnitude of what is behind and taking a breath very quickly. He wondered if such a person can not breathe, I can breathe a big dog like this. But as soon as he saw the fear in his side had bounced. A breath of his mouth was: 'Oh great dog!'

But then I noticed that he had found the secret behind the animal is a dog, in fact, had a blood-thirsty wolf was coming along very quickly. Its sharp fangs were open to the dreadful scene.

Mac's heart began to beat with fear. Feel it was as if her heart would come out of her ribs. If he did not understand some of the heavy equipment on his back and pulled the container of beer was sprayed by turning to the crowd.

A glowing red clouds appeared in the air and the crowd surrounded his Mac relieved to see that he is a wolf fell backwards. But in this case he was too badly gra and was also rotates around your head, but only a minute later he was back on its feet again and went back to Mac.

But he was very angry. Make the beer was sprayed and teased him myself, so now the wolf was in the mood to take revenge. The next moment they make very rapid cycle swoop, it was not just that they make carrying a bicycle to rent the tent bag. Foam coming out of his mouth and mouth noises alienation.

So make some time stood dazed. I do understand that it was not. Then they swarm the second time in hypnosis sprayed beer. Maybe it was wise enough, that was swinging back towards the crowd fell sharply, but seeing it was Mac's eyes off it like a demon handled themselves very quickly and began to pursue a Mac . But the collapse was due to the distance between them. Mac was terribly scared and they are very fast on his feet seemed to pydlz cycle. He was trying to run away from the evil wolf.

Some cars go so close to the people who like adventure riding.Mac looked at them and waved and shouted loudly asked them for help, but none of her attention, because the Mac did not slow his bicycle. He could not take the risk, because the cycle speed to reach the crowd was furious. But do not bother to stop a car rider and someone helped her.

Make a turn off after a few seconds when you rotate your bike saw its front vertical ascent. Anyway it seemed dangerous to see the hill. Mac was thinking that they can not travel with your bike will go up, because he was badly out of breath. Her legs began to hurt badly. If this slower cycle of the wolf could reach it soon. Then I saw the crowds that make the concept and its sharp fangs into her body is buried. That was the moment when the wolf came close to Mac and Mac to attack that tried to push him away from his hand and his arm in its mouth Wolf tried to nail the same Mac The throat of a ghastly scream. He felt absolutely helpless. Death was standing in front of him.

The elder hunter Paul and Becky were traveling in the car on Route 1. They pynuk, were from Minnesota to Alaska. On the way he stopped riding a bicycle along the side of the road watching not thought about it, but ignored it and went further. But the next moment I looked he had his eyes burst of fear. The little dog was a big and scary, with the whole force was sweeping down on her bicycle. The sharp pointed teeth were bared and mouth also was flying foam. Let them know that riding on the storm bird dog, but it was a wolf.

Make your car behind at a fast stop and heard the creak of heavy wheels on my bike so he stopped being afraid. By this time the crowd was very close by and it was hardly a dozen yards away. Both Paul and Becky reviewed this dreadful scene and then suddenly stopped in front of the bicycle. Mac gave up his bike and quickly closed the rear door of the vehicle hunter Paul and Becky ran, but unfortunately the door was locked.She ran to the door, but he was locked, so I open the window of his car on the hunter so he was trying to get into the car through the window. Paul hunter sitting in the car door open and inside was scared to death with divers make it increasingly locked the door. McDonald was safe and he was left out of the wolf itself. The bus was not running wolf hunters that they make it out of the vehicle body to bury his fangs, but Mac was far from reaching his hand.

Becky turned and looked back toward the window. Her eyes were fixed on a sheep blood sucker who stood stiff as a Mac-cycle win this prize, which is what he is suffering. Becky, Paul and Mac sheep quietly waited for the next step, but he did nothing, they were somewhat satisfied. They did not understand that the wolf would be, but a few moments later he walked away from this place.

Now that some time had gone missing and Jordan were also laid up. Watching them make the hunter's soul, and out of the car. I saw him embrace his missing.

Mac said: '' It was a nightmare, I had been sure of his death.How was I going to survive? '

Missing and Jordan comforted and encouraged to make.

Mack felt when he Shock (shock) which came out shortly before he was trapped, he took his bicycle lying on the road.Mac had hit him playing again and guessed that there was no harm done over the cycle. Well after the satisfaction of all three resumed their journey. But this time he had decided that it will not keep more distance between them, and will not lose sight of each other, so that in case of any danger that could help each other. It was soon completed. The slope of the road a few miles when they arrived at McDonald stopped his bike and powerful slogan triumphantly. His two companions also joined Paul and Becky.

(From Reader's Digest)

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