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                                                            HOW TO MAKE MACARONI

Now days, fast food is getting too much importance. There are two reasons for their importance. Number one is their taste and second one is their instantaneous preparation. Here a macaroni is also included in fast food because it has unique taste and can be prepared in few minutes. The detail of dish is as follows.   


Macaroni: 1 packet   (elbow shape)

Capsicum: 2-3

Carrot:  2-3

Cabbage: 1/2 ( full if small)

Red chili: according to your taste

Black pepper:  according to your taste

Table salt: according to your taste

Chinese salt:  according to your taste

Oil:1/2 cup

Chicken: 5-6 breast pieces

Vinegar: 2 tb spoon

Soya sauce: 1 tb spoon

Tomato ketchup: according to your need


First of all boil the chicken. After removing the chicken pieces  from the pan boil the macaroni in the same water. Add 1 table spoon of oil and half tb. spoon of table salt. Stir the macaroni after some time to avoid its sticking to the bottom of pan. Chop all the vegetables into small pieces and chicken into thread like structure. Fry all the vegetables in oil and add red, black chili, table salt and Chinese salt. Then add vinegar and soya souce. And after 2 mins add the chicken and fry it for further 5 mins. Then add the macaroni and stir it . now close the lid and cook it on very low flame for five mins. You can also add the ketchup before closing the lid or after  when you are serving according to the person’s taste. You can also add mayonnaise instead of ketchup. Now enjoy the macaroni with family…..