Magic of hugs for men

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Cuddle is a quite excellent operate. It is often associated with something good or you can associate it with a comfortable bed. You usually use it with one that interests you. 

It helps maintain long-term relationships

According to a study conducted by ABC News (America's famous newspaper), cuddling action is especially important for any long-term relationship, it is a factor in the conceptual categories related to happiness for men and sexual satisfaction for women.

It helps to stabilize the blood pressure of men
It can do wonders blood pressure is stable for men. Every time you interact with another human body, the body itself will secrete neuropeptide 'oxytocin "(a love hormone also known as the cuddle hormone) is very good for your body and your spirit. The Oxytocin is used for many different purposes, most of which are extremely beneficial.
Every time you touch someone, or someone holding your brain emit oxytocin - your body will respond by helping your blood pressure stability before stress issues. So, when you plan to notify parents or friends are important and difficult decision to say remember to give them some hugs.
it will make you happy
It can lead to the desire for "sex" more
Whether you are in bed or not, direct contact of the human body to promote the body to produce and release the hormone dopamine, which is a stimulating factor to increase sexual desire in the human body.
Lovingly help you communicate better
Cuddle allows you and she can communicate better with many different reasons.
By lying on a bed both will always have time to talk about these issues disturb your mind. In addition, cuddling will boost the signal implicit body language things that words never express. It helps both understand each other, showing more authentic level of empathy toward the partner you can recognize immediately.


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