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I did not know that the oldest plants on earth (over 100 million years ago), or that do not produce nectar and attract with their sweet perfume of some insects for pollination, bees were not the dinosaur ... just smell the flowers and strangeness these trees were there every spring to wake from sleep deeper memories of young love.

I learned that in China, the flower that says welcome spring is the symbol of beautiful women, soft, white skin, white almost erotic. That in Japan, magnolia is associated with the life force, so it is offered for the birth of a child. White flowers that bear the symbol of purity and perfection, sincere intentions and cleanliness of soul and body.

That means pink flowers youth, innocence, joy of living, as the green carries the message of enthusiasm, health and good fortune, and the purple is offered as encouragement and wishes for recovery. Those who love magnolias are unselfish, loyal, helpful, protective, sensitive, tenacious and insightful, is not it that we love more?
Spring great to have!

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