Mahjube Herawi High School principle perspectives about Education System in Afghanistan

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Sema Dehzad is Mahjube Herawi high school principle, she was born in Herat. She has 17 years work experience in different departments of Education in Herat province, here is an interview with her about Afghanistan educational system.

 FA: Can you talk about the school's history?

SD: Mahjube Herawi School is located in third district of Herat Province on Mokhaberat Street. It is named after a famous woman poet Mahjube Herawi( Mahjube Herawi’s real name was Bibi Safora and she was one of the famous Farsi pouter of Badqhis –Afghanistan. Mahjube has about 5000 poems which are about freedom and democracy.) Firs it was a secondary school then it improved to elementary and finally in 1989 this school became a high school.

FA: Can you please talk about your background and education?

SD: I graduated from literature faculty of Herat University. I have 17 years work experience in different positions. I worked as teacher for 13 years, also I worked in Best project which handled by AIA institution and during of this project we connected to all schools’ principals and teachers, our duties were holding  training courses for them and create development council for each school. These trainings ware too efficient for enhancing their knowledge with the new methodologies and I took different certificate for these trainings.

FA: When and why you’re chosen as school principle?

SD: Last year I participated to the principle competitive examination of mangers and I took the best score among of other teachers and I selected as a Mahjube Herawi principle.

FA: What are your school best consequences till now?

SD: Our school didn’t have any sports team but fortunately in this year, the school has organized the Sport teams such volleyball, basketball, footstall and chess team. However they were new and didn’t have such skills but in sport school competitions which held by education department they won the volleyball competitions.

This school also has student council which surveys the student’s problem in school and report them to the school principle, and principle with teachers will find a solution for their difficulties and problems.

This school has 64 female classrooms and it also has a library, physics and chemistry laboratory, a kindergarten, a conference room and a handcrafts room


Our student has made so many interesting and awesome things by hand such as washing machine that when we connect it to power it washing the clothes


Some of students have made robots for the physic subject or they also made a bread baking machine that works well. 

FA:  What do you think about the education system in Afghanistan? How can it be improved?

SD: As I see education system is improving day by day and it becomes better than the past but still there are some shortages in education system of Afghanistan. These problems will be solving by educating teachers, students and bringing high quality books and equipments.

FA: What else would you want to be built in Afghan schools in addition to the Internet classrooms? What do the kids need?

SD: Actually our school didn’t have any computer classes and specialist teacher for the computer subject to teach student but when Afghan Citadel and Film Annex companies help us and built an computer class for us, I thought that how student use efficiently from this computer class as they didn’t have any knowledge about computer. I asked from Afghan citadel company that beside of building these computer class, please provide some training classes for our students and teachers as they really need for these trainings and fortunately Afghan Citadel has the this plan for the all school and now we are really happy that our students are learning computer by professional teachers and I appreciate the Citadel and Film Annex initiatives in Afghanistan specially for women.

FA: What do you think about the Examer system in your school?

SD: One of my big wishes is to all of Afghan student could learn basically with modern technologies  and I think this system would be an start for Afghan student to they become familiarize with new technologies in the world and I hope this system implement to all schools in Afghanistan and they also take advantage of this Examination system.

سیما دهزاد مدیر مکتب محجوبه هروی ولایت هرات میباشد . وی  از فاکولته ادبیات ولایت هرات فارغ گردیده و 17 سال سابقه کاری در بخش های مختلف معارف ولایت هرات را دارا میباشد. و ایشان از طریق رقابت ازاد منحیث مدیر مکتب محجوبه هروی انتخاب گردیده اند.

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