Main Inventions of Science

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Main inventions of science

Science that is being used everywhere has many advantages. Science changed our life completely. Peoples is progressing in science many rapidly. There are many inventions of science that we are using in every days life. As I told science has changed our life completely so some most important inventions of science are given below. In these things, we use some things in our daily life.


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The computer is very useful information. The computer is an electronic device that converts data into

information. It is a ridge rectangular case in which all its processers are installed. CPU (Central Processing Unit) is known as the brain of the computer. Today computer is being widely used all over the world. The computer has 5(Five) generations. A computer cannot work without a CPU. Keyboard, mouse, CPU, Monitor are the main components’ of a computer. Today the big computers are converted into small Computers called Laptops. Laptops are more reliable than computers we can put them in any place and use them where we want.


We use internet for Smartphones, Laptops, Computers etc. The Internet gives us information about everything. The Internet is being widely used all over the world. The Internet provides us many facilities like online banking, online business, etc. By internet, people can communicate with each other. The Internet has many advantages.




Television is the main intention of our time. TV (Television) is the main source of entertainment. We can also watch the news on TV. We can watch news, movie, and dramas at any time we want. The main disadvantage of TV is that it requires its viewers to be at a certain place and in the certain time in order to watch the news or movie.

Planes and Vehicles



Planes and Vehicles are also the main invention

s of our time. World first plane was made by Wright Brothers. Airplanes and Vehicles are the main inventions because in olden days it takes a while to go from one place to another. With the invention of Planes and Vehicles, the traveling becomes easier. Travelers’ should only wait for their bus or plane schedules.




The camera is another main invention of science. The camera is a light-proof box having a lens on its front. The lens focuses the object to photograph it on the film. In older cameras, it was too difficult to take a picture but in today’s digital cameras just click the shutter button and it shows the image on its screen.

Mobile Phones



A mobile phone is known as a cell phone in North America. The telephones make and receive calls. It uses radio transmission. In today’s telephone we just not only make calls but a whole world is in our own hands.

Heavy Machines


Heavy duty machines are mostly used in construction sites. Heavy machinery makes the human work easier. They are mostly used to construct buildings, roads etc.



Satellite is another main invention of science. A satellite is a human-made object that revolves around the earth. There are many satellites revolving around the earth for communication purpose.

New Weapons


Weapons including missiles, guns, jets, tanks etc are the main inventions. In olden days are armies use swords, bow-arrows etc for fitting. Now, these weapons are more convenient than the bows and swords. We can attack our enemies by sitting in one place. Now the armies of every signal country have all the best weapons of our time.

Latest Bulbs and fans

This is the modern age now people use modern bulbs and fans. In olden days people use old lights that used oil to glow now the modern lights glow with electricity and also use solar energy to glow. The fan is another main invention in olden days people use hand fans in summers now fans work with electricity.


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Robots are the main invention of science. Robots make the human work much easier. Robots work very fast than humans and consume less time. Robots act like humans in many places. In future robots take the place of humans in many fields. Due to this many jobs for humans become less due to the Robots in many fields. Robots are also being used in Hotels working as waters.


3D printers


3D printers are used to make the 3D design of many objects. In olden days people use plastic pieces to make the objects. Now, this is the modern age 3D printers are used to make the object. Just make the design on your Pc or Laptop and connect the 3D printer with it will make the design object design that you want.

Main vehicles and advantages


There are many vehicles that we are using in all days life. In olden days people go from one place into another on foot. Now, this is the modern age now there are many things invented for, for example, these inventions are Airplanes, Buses, Cars, and Boats etc.


As we all know these things advantages.
We use boats to cross rivers. Cars and buses are used to go from one place to another place. Airplanes are the more reliable way to travel from one place to another. The airplane is faster than cars and buses. They fly over the seas and deserts and they are also used to send parcels in cargo planes.


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