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Now a day’s many equipments are available which help in delivering lectures. Board: white boards and black boards are used in class rooms these are easily available and are cheap one. They are traditional equipments. Black boards are made of wood or paint is done on walls. Chalks are used to write on it. Different color chalks are used to draw graphs pictures etc. markers are used on white board.


Teacher writes topics on the board. Student learns from it. Flip Boards: these are also used. The effectiveness of it is that pictures are pasted on it when needed. Pictures can be made before and can be saved in cupboards. It is made up of plastic sheet. These are used as modern equipments. These are also helpful in delivering lectures. Through this lectures can be delivered to maximum students.


Multimedia: this is costly equipment but now it is becoming common in educational institutions. It has a box and a white sheet hang on the wall and the light from box fall on the sheet. The multimedia is attached to the computer. The work done in computer is seen on the sheet through light. Slides are prepared on the PowerPoint and lectures are delivered through it. It is colorful that’s why it is attractive. It creates interest of students in lectures. This is very helpful.


Television: TV is also used the teachers delivered lectures on TV the benefit of TV are that lectures can be delivered to thousands of students at a time. Charts: these are widely used. The pictures are drawn on chart and describe to the students. Models: the object is made and model is bigger than the actual picture. The detailing of the picture can be described to the students. These are also most effective equipment and widely used in class rooms.


Radio: radio is used commonly used as delivering information to the students. It is the cheapest and most effective way. 

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