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Do you feel that your hair and your skin feels like ten years older than your actual age? The article wrote about the list of foods and beverages that accelerate aging.

The amount of collagen in your body determines the firmness, young, supple, and the softness of your skin. Dietary habits we fail to maintain the required percentage of collagen in the body, causing problems pale skin, dark circles, dull and dead hair, along with signs ranging sickly normally associated with aging. Wrinkles, swelling, acne, and redness of the skin tends to take on adolescence, in turn makes you look old. Physical changes largely as a result of excessive consumption of salt, sugar, alcohol, fried foods, etc., can cause premature aging. Learn about foods that accelerate aging that can make you look older.

Fried foods
Fried causes collagen in the body break down. Decomposition of collagen have adverse effects on the skin that feels dry, brittle, acne, and pale. Loss of moisture causes acne and wrinkles on the skin leave marks on the face, making a person look older than actual age. Also, hair growth is inhibited, and the loss of light and sparkle.

Food Sarat Sugar
According to Sophie Chan, an endocrinologist from Sydney, eating too much sugar and sugar-laden foods causing glycation process in which sugar molecules bind with proteins present in the blood stream. A part of this process is the production of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), that are toxic and cause dark circles, wrinkles on the face, sagging eye bags, and diabetes. Another effect of the sugar-based foods in excess amount is that it causes inflammation, which cause cell damage, broken blood capillaries, acne prone skin, and sagging skin, which are all signs of aging.

Excessive salt food
The most rapid effect of salt in your body is dehydrated. Dehydration occurs when the water content in the body decreases sharply. Salt and foods containing excessive amount of salt removes fluid from the humidity. Depreciation body fluids produces fatigue and fatigue. Fatigue has a serious effect on the skin, and makes it look dry and pale, thereby, make you look older.

Loaded Carbohydrate foods
Carbohydrates are an energy source, only if you burn after consumption. The body converts carbohydrates into sugar if it is not burned or processed, will be converted into fat and calories. A diet loaded with carbohydrates accompanied by a lack of exercise is a deadly combination, and can lead to rapid weight gain, tired and lethargic, sagging skin, and ultimately aging. So, unless you decide to burn the carbohydrates in your diet with regular exercise, limited intake is recommended, to avoid premature aging.

Trans Fat
There are two types of saturated fats (found in processed foods, animals, and dairy products) and unsaturated (found in foods such as nuts and olives). Trans fats are another name for unsaturated fat. Trans fats can not be easily digested by the human body, and dangerous because they clog arteries and blood vessels. This restricts the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body and affects the skin by causing discoloration, dryness, and sagging. Physical changes visible immediately from the skin and hair, making you look old, weak and pale.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol does not contain nutrients, but also destroys the existing amount of nutrients in your body, thus draining the oxygen-carrying potential in the bloodstream. Regular consumption and excessive alcohol lowers levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the production of collagen which keeps the skin elasticity and strength of hair. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and dries the skin, making it look dry and brittle. It also widens the blood vessels in the face and cause redness, swelling, and wrinkles in the area, making you look older than you really are.

Energy Drinks
This causes your white teeth at risk. Your teeth layered with the outer layer of white substance called enamel. A layer of a substance, dentin, which is yellow, is formed under the enamel. Dentin and enamel is the main constituent which ensures your teeth whiteness and strength. Sodas and energy drinks act directly and rough on enamel and dentine that causes these two layers eroded. Erosion of the two layers can cause brittle or stained teeth. Of course this will harm your own if a young age had no teeth.

Caffeine / Coffee
Just like alcohol, caffeine acts as a diuretic. Diuretics are substances that increase urine flow. Excessive and frequent urination causes dehydration of the body which lowers the level of liquids and moisture needed. This is bad for the skin due to lack of moisture and liquids make it dry and wrinkles, making it look older. Excessive consumption of caffeine also causes insomnia that leads to the formation of dark circles, redness, and swelling of skin that shows signs of aging too fast.

Tips To look fresh and Younger

    Stay hydrated (Much Drinking Water)
    Remember to smile
    Ensure proper sleep
    Exercise regularly
    Eat in moderation
    Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
    Keep thinking positive

Hopefully this article gives new knowledge to you. People used to be believed, that like mad make old quickly, stay away from stress to make our lives happier. Embed the above tips in mind to stay young, feel young, and seemed always young!

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