Make $2-5 per Day From SmartPhone

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Download WHAFF :

Tutorial: After you install the application on android smartphone whiff, just sign in with your social networking account 'can use Facebook
If you're logged in to the application with a whiff of social media, there will be a tab that reads "New Interface" Blah-blah-blah Blaa !! In that tab there is a column to enter the "Enter Invite Code" Simply enter the code below to add your Bonus balance of $ 0.30.

Code Whaff add $ 0.30 Balance: AG60377
Once you enter the above code and press "OK" then the bonus balance bertambahan $ 0.30. And now you just downloads and download the application there so that your balance increases to $ 10, after that you can pull through paypal.

The application that you downloaded or installed on android and have been paid by a whiff, please just uninstall it 'so as not to burden the android smartphone performance or become litter.

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