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Today i will share this tip for newbie. You want to earn about 5$-10$ per day from . Very easy. You need have 1 account bitlanders. You can registation here, by click this link . CLICK HERE.

When you have account bitlanders. You start earn money . How ? Very easy.

Log in everyday to received buzz score bonus from bitlanders .

You have to much subcrises . How ? You subcrised them, they will sub back for you. Example me. :D .

You have to press BUZZ for them. You will get money by buzz for them. Must buzz in Movies , blogs, microblogs or image pages. It will count.

Upload pictures or write blogs, microblogs, upload videos to get buzz.

If your post come to homepage, you will earn more Buzz Me And Sub Me Back.
Hope you will get more money. Subcrised me here.

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