“Make Her Love You”

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Revealed: Experts Discover The “Scientific” Reason Women Fall In Love…And Today I’ll Show You How To Use It To Make THAT One Special Girl YOUR Girlfriend!

Once I teach you the one simple “trick” that makes women obsess over you… getting a girlfriend will be so easy… other guys will be desperate to know your “secret!”

Dear Friend,

This is Oxytocin…      Girlfriend Manual Oxytocin Image

If what you really want is to connect with one amazing girl… have a relationship…  and make her your girlfriend. Then read every word on this page because it has the power to change your life!gi

Scientists call it “The love hormone” because it’s secreted in a woman’s brain and causes her to feel uncontrollable desire.

It’s what causes attraction in women… makes them fall in love… and creates their need for monogamy.

You see… you don’t need money, good looks, a fancy car, a great job or even a sense of humor to attract women.

You just need to know how to flood a woman’s brain with oxytocin, and she’s YOURS!

Want to know the secret to triggering the release of oxytocin?

Of course you do!

I’ll give it to you in a few moments, but first let me ask you a question…

Remember that high school kid?

Girlfriend Manual Prom

He didn’t have a girlfriend to go with him to his senior prom so he asked her…

Girlfriend Manual Kate UptonYes her!!!

…to go with him.

And she actually said “yes”!

Unfortunately, because of scheduling her ‘yes’ turned out to be ‘no’. But you know who went with him instead?


Girlfriend Manual Prom DateYes… her !

And what happened on prom night?

She tweeted they “had an AMAZING time together”.

If that pimple-faced teenager can get a Victoria’s Secret model to go to the prom with him, can you get the hot girl you see in Starbucks, in your office, on the subway, or at the supermarket… to go out with you?

You bet your ass you can!

See that kid knew how to release huge levels of Oxytocin in a woman’s brain.

I’ll let you know how to do it in a second, but let me ask you a question…

When you see an incredible girl… not just hot… but truly amazing… do you stand there looking at her and think… “If I could have this girl, if she was here next to me, holding my hand, if she looked at me across a room, telling me she loved me with her eyes … if she was my girlfriend, man, I could conquer the world.”

Does it feel like the girls you’re attracting are the ones you aren’t really into?

When you see an amazing girl you’re really attracted to – and you know she’s perfect for you… do you somehow think she’s better than you?

Are you afraid you haven’t had enough sex for a great girl?

You’ve never given a girl an orgasm, and think you won’t be good enough in bed?


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