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Web Trafficmonsoon make money while watching ads

First is to understand how to make money in any way?
 we will see ads ( ads ) to make money and to introduce others to see will help increase your income . trafficmonsoon play for free . Mode Trafficmonsoon enjoy 100 % commission from referrals ( Ref ) very attractive :

* You have 1 active ref - > every day you get $ 0.1-0.2 from ref click - > 3-6 $ / month !
* You have 10 active ref - > every day you get $ 1-2 from ref click - > $ 30-60 / month !
* You have 100 active ref - > every day you get $ 10-20 from ref click - > 300-600 $ / month !

MY Proof

Trafficmonsoon site is being evaluated as PTC ( paid to click - click to get paid ) is worth playing for free today. Trafficmonsoon ( TMS ) is one PTC site but nascent but very prestigious in payments to members . You can click ads ( Ads ) for free each day without having to invest . Ads daily value could reach $ 0.2 .TMS payment via Paypal and Payza with minpay is $ 2 .

First you click here to register your account 

Click " Sigup " To Register

Next you fill in information such as the form below.
Note : the " Withdraw Code" is the code you need to remember withdrawals to later withdraw money , you can enter any
number .


Part payment information , you choose paypal email , then enter your email address registered on paypal . Then click 
" Proceed " to register for an account.

Everyone in the mail to activate your account and login 

2. How to make money with Trafficmonsoon :
For a free member you can earn money by viewing ads each day .
After successful registration you login to the site conducted , wait 10 seconds and then click "Back to Dashboard "

Next you 'll see pull -down image , click on the "Claim " to see the ads and make money .

Ads $ 0.02 the 60s , 30s is 0:01 . You wait for the time to run out and then enter the code as requested and click "Back to Account"

You go to the "My Account" then drag down the page to grab referral link offline !

Note : To receive commissions from ref day you need to surf 10 sites . You go to the "My Account" then drag down
between pages will show as shown below .

After each surf 10 sites so you will have 24 hours to receive commission from ref ( people you introduce )






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