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    • Paidverts is basically the latest PTC (Paid to click) model which revolutionized the overall PTC Industry while sharing tens of thousands of dollars with users from its Advertising Revenues (so you need to view some ads to gain some cash)

    • Paidverts uses a points system called "Bonus Ad Points" (BAP) & each BAP worth 0.0005 in dollar value (0.0005$)

    • Everyday (at server reset) site gives you 8 free BAP ads called “activation ads”, one ad worth 25BAP, basically you get 200BAP (worth 0.10$)daily for free. (You need to view at least of those to keep your account active so that you are eligible to receive Cash Ads)

    • According to your total BAP balance, you will receive daily "Paid ads" to view & it may be of value from 0.00005 to 1000$, based on the daily "Ads Distribution BAP Grouping Chart". Paid ads (consisting of $ value)look like this.

    • Once a paid ad is viewed , lets say 0.10$ ad, relevant amount of BAPs (here its .10/.0005= 200BAPs) will be reduced from you BAP balance. So basically BAP is the nominal currency of the site & once you get Cash value ($) ads relevant amount of BAPs will be deducted from you balance while you get the cash value in your Cash balance.

    • There are only Two ways to earn free BAPs: viewing activation ads & playing BAP games.

    • Ways to get more BAP(paid): buy 1$ ad packs (sort of investing)

    • 1$ ad pack gives you 3100BAP plus 50 unique traffic hits to the site you want. & those 3100 BAPs worth 1.55$[3100*.0005] so for each 1$ investment you get 1.55$ back.

    • And if you are not comfortable with penny ads (like 0.0005 ones) simply buy the "Adfilter" for just 10$ (lifetime) & set the minimum ad value to something like 0.009$ or 0.01$ (which ever suits your investment capacity)

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