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This is probably more suited for the ladies right now but all are welcomed to read of course. Yesterday I was playing around with some new make-tips I found online and wow it really made me think of the difference they made. First, they had an updated way to apply concealer under the eye area. Then there was highlighting around the eyebrows with the concealer just to bring them out more. Both were really something I had never heard of before. I put foundation on every area of my face first as usual when I do use that, and that technique wasn’t anything new.

But the way my face shape and all is I sometimes have difficulty with the eye liner techniques. I also refuse to add eyeliner on the inside lid of my eyes, that sounds really horrible and that it would harm my eye itself. So always add it underneath instead. The lipstick hints were not that new although I never do what it said. I will have to try this again on Tuesday when I have more time for myself again and the house is empty for a few more hours. Do you wear make-up ?

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