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1 Make Money With Bubblews How?

Bubblews allows members (known as bloggers) blog publishing and ABSOLUTELY FREE MAKE MONEY from this activity!

Guide to Make Money With Blog Bubblews

Write and share naturally from your knowledge! There are big themes for you to choose and write articles.

On Bubblews also have strict regulations about not writing something you know you can also refer to regulations from FanBox! It is also similar to that!

2 Make Money With Bubblews Mechanism.

get paid Guide Make Money With Bubblews

You will earn money every time someone read, comment, like or even dislike (do not like) and share the articles that you publish on Bubblews to other social networks!

2.1 Income As Well Read article:

-When a particular person reading one particular article of how many times you still only reads the first single!

-When a particular person to read 100 different articles of you shall count as 100 reads.

Revenue sharing mechanism 50/50.
7.1 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

2.2 Income When Last Comment Comment:

-When anyone comment on any of your posts, you have income.

Revenue sharing mechanism 50/50.
7.2 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

2.3 Income When Your article is shared across social networks!

-Each When your post is someone sharing on social networks proposed by Bubblews income you have.

Revenue sharing mechanism 50/50.

7.3 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

sharre Guide Make Money With Bubblews

The social network is proposed: FaceBook, G +, tweet, Linked In, Tumblr, Pinterest!

You should have a minimum of FaceBook, G +, tweet!
2.4. Profit Sharing Mechanism Of Bubblews For Members

If you notice it on the homepage and on each article Bubblews members often insert ads advertisers. When members or guests outside Bubblews access or access to the articles, they can click on ads, shopping ... which is profitable Bubblews payments from advertisers (probably under click prices or sales commissions), 50% of the profits will be split back to you - the owner of the article has generated profits.

Earn Money With Online Users Guide Bubblews

For example, you write an article about making money online, there are a certain company A course advertising Earn Money Online in your post (or simultaneously to many members advertising posts along this topic ). Then there is his B that read this article and click on the banner (of billboards) then Bubblews advertising is paid $ 1 for this click, by law, you are sharing 50% ie $ 0.5.

Or a company may pay 10% of the B course if you purchase the course after clicking on the banner, the price of the course is $ 100, Bubblews receive your $ 10 and of course the cup $ 5 (50% of flowers selling pink)!
3 Rules Need to Know Post article.

4 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

Xoahoac Bubblews have the right to not pay for the account of the following violations:

Copying, stealing other people's content on Bubblews or on the Internet without having to write out of your own!

Make the situation using exchange forms like, comment, or purchase from sources other exchanges.

Make the use of Traffic from the sale or exchange of resources, from Boot, VPN, or use multiple accounts from multiple IP for fraud.

-The Article poorly and too little text content.

-The Articles containing photos, pornography.

-The Post less than 400 words.

* Use language other than English.

-Bearing links to external websites, especially the Affiliate Program!

• Do post more than 10 posts / day!

suspend Guide Make Money With Bubblews

If you post more than 10 posts / day, using stolen documents, copy & paste, use exchange like, comment, traffic, cheat multiple accounts with multiple IP, the account will be deleted!
4 I do not know English, there Earning Money Not?

There. You need Google Translate tool! Click HERE. I've established already translated from Vietnamese into English.

You write Vietnamese language, then translated into English is ok!

Or, you can get all of Vietnam by Vietnamese website written in Vietnamese themselves (but do not take the lessons that we translated from English to) and then translated via Google Translate also!

If you get content translated from English to Vietnamese, who then translated from Vietnamese into English, was also able to get caught because they test the software, simply notice the duplicate content on the internet somewhere that you lifetime consumption.
post4 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

Last Post 5 Guide.

post1 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

POST2 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

post3 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

Once completed, click the "Submit news" above and masturbating for your article on the social networking internally as the fibroma!
sharre1 Guide Make Money With Bubblews

After the publication of this information will be communicated to the "connection" of you, so the more your "connection", the greater the chance of being read.

Guide to Make Money With no Bubblews

The more you communicate with members around the more opportunities are like, comment and even dislike money

The more you share on social networks much as an extra income.

There will be presentations by increasing "connection" back!

6 Combined With FanBox How?

Income from FanBox to wait quite as long to be able to first draw!

So, you can use Bubblews income in order to "feed" FanBox! So just to reach the $ 50 threshold can draw on!

When you write a Vietnamese.

* You share this article on FanBox.

Mash into English as directed above, shared on Bubblews.

-After 24h, copy all your English to FanBox Bubblews share again!

So FanBox copy from Bubblews but you are not self-replicate crimes go!

And do note that in the correct order, do not do the opposite!

And you can make money three times from the same article!

Three Best Practices, Sculpture - an arrow down three trym!

7 One day how much?

I have a reference number and the old new member shall be entitled to know, if you have a range of 2000 connection, the maximum daily level post 10 posts (not more - than the deleted account), then you have a good interaction may earn up to 10 $ / day

New members joined, have you with 50 individual connection, just post 5 articles have earned $ 05!

In general, both easy, free, to earn relatively more! This is the result of a 3 day working connection 2k members!

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