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Following are the three basic ways you'll be making money with SFI:

1. Tap into our profit sharing program with VersaPoints (VP)
One of the reasons why SFI is so successful is because it's so easy to get  started. In fact, you can immediately begin earning income from our profit sharing program just by scoring "VersaPoints."  What's a VersaPoint?  Very simply, VersaPoints (VP) are points we award to affiliates for performing actions listed on their To-Do List (actions that will help you become successful in SFI).  Learn more about VersaPoints HERE.

Each time you complete an action on your SFI To-Do List, you instantly earn the points attached to that action. Some actions are worth 10 points, some 20 points, some as much as 150 points.  Earn as many VersaPoints as you can each month.  The more VP you score, the more you can earn from our profit sharing program.  The more VP you score, the higher your rank in SFI can go, too!

Note: A minimum of 1500 VP/month is required to qualify for profit sharing.

2. Increase your earnings by generating sales at
Each time someone you've referred to TripleClicks or SFI buys something at, you earn a 45% CV Direct Commission!  Plus, each retail sale also generates more VersaPoints (i.e. a larger share of the profit sharing program for you).

And remember that SFI takes care of all order processing, payments, product shipments, and customer service for you–all at no cost to you!  And  if all that wasn't enough, you can keep earning those big 45% commissions every time your referred customers buy something at–for life!

How do you generate TripleClicks sales?  Everything you'll need to know will be covered in LaunchPad lessons just ahead.  Note that many of the methods are 100% FREE, can be done entirely on the Internet (no face-to-face selling), and can be put into action within minutes!

3. Maximize your income with Team Sales
Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at are a great way to start earning money with SFI, but if you want to create a major monthly income stream, you must employ TEAM SALES.

By learning to lead and grow a TEAM of active SFI affiliates, you'll turn on one of the most lucrative components of the SFI compensation plan: VersaPoints Matching.

VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching profit shares on every affiliate you refer to SFI...and every affiliate they refer to SFI, too (for up to 12 generations)!  In other words, for every VP they earn, YOU can earn matching VP! Many of our affiliates earn thousands of  matching shares each month on the activities of hundreds of affiliates in their team! 

Here's how YOU can too: Whenever you refer someone to SFI, you become their "Sponsor."  As their sponsor, you'll help them get started. Teach them, encourage them, and cheer them on! Soon they will be scoring VersaPoints and sponsoring their own affiliates and adding generations of even more affiliates to your team!  As this "duplication" continues month after month, your earnings can grow exponentially because you can now be earning thousands of additional profit shares.

How do you sign up SFI affiliates? Everything you'll need to know will be covered in LaunchPad lessons just ahead.  Note that many of the methods are 100% FREE, can be done entirely on the Internet, and can be put into action within minutes!

Okay, those are the three BASICS ways to earn.  But you'll be pleased to know that there are even more ways to earn as an SFI affiliate, and we'll cover these in upcoming LaunchPad lessons.

Before we close out this first lesson, here are a few other key "getting started" resources to review at your convenience:

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For more FAQs and other HELP….visit our Affiliate Support Desk HERE.

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