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Men are signs of bravery and courage. Fighting for rights is only related to men while women are expected to compromise. This is a bitter truth but it is so. Our society teaches men to fight and he is encouraged in doing so. Contrary to that women are not allowed to change rituals. But some ladies are blessed with superior power and a strong determination.

Many ladies are present in this world that changed the perspectives of every person. Their courage and willpower did not stop them even after restrictions, hurdles and enemies. Even attacks and bullets did not stop them from reaching their goals. Among these ladies is a girl named Malala Yousafzai.

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Malala Yousafzai? Are you familiar with that name? If yes! Very well… if No! I am here to tell everything about this girl.

Malala Yousafzai: The sign of bravery 


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Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist who stood for women education. She spoke publically for girl’s education. She survived after an assassination attempt by the Taliban 5  years ago. She was attacked at the age of 15. She was only a child at that time and still shows courage. She did not get afraid from those attackers and still wished to go to school after that horrible incident.

After being attacked, Malala was sent to England for treatment. She spent months in bed, people pray a lot for her life. Today she is safe and sound and is getting her education from England. But from last five years, she did not return home. She really wishes to come back. In her speech she said:

“I wish to come home and would continue to fight to raise the number of girls in schools.”

Now you must be thinking how it starts? Why was she attacked? What happened exactly? So, the complete journey of Malala is right here. 

The early life of Malala 


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Malala Yousafzai was born in MingoraPakistan on July 15, 1997. She was living in that beautiful valley from her childhood. Her hometown is the most attractive tourist spot because of its greenery and summer festivals.

Malala was an Education activist


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She studied in a school that was founded by her father Zia-u-din Yousafzai. Taliban start attacking girl’s school in Swat. They wanted to spread fear so that every girl gets afraid from school. But Malala was keen to get education at any cost. She delivered a speech in Peshawar in 2008. The subject of her speech was:”How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?” Her speech motivates every girl for getting an education. 

Malala started blogging for BBC


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In 2009 she started blogging for BBC about these circumstances. She was under the threat of Taliban to stop education. She did not stop herself and for hiding her identity Malala used a fake name. She tried her best to continue blogging without getting revealed. But she wouldn’t succeed in hiding her identity for long. In December 2009, she was revealed to be the BBC blogger.

She never stops herself from the activities of reforms. She continued her journey of spreading awareness on girl’s education. Her family was supporting her at each step. Her father always appreciated her.

Taliban threat Yousafzai family


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These activities were unbearable to Taliban. They started threatening the whole Yousafzai family. They issued a death threat to Malala due to her activism. Though Malala was anxious for the safety of her father, who was an anti-Taliban activist. Her family was thinking that Taliban will never attack a child but can harm her father.

Taliban Attack on Malala


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The Taliban group wanted to stop that girl from threats but she wouldn’t. That’s why on October 09, 2012 when the girl was riding a school bus with her fellows, a gunman stopped the bus. The gunman asked for the girl Malala. The innocent children sitting on the bus looked towards Malala. The gunman gradually fired at her. The bullet went through the left side of her head. Not only she two others girls sitting with Malala were also attacked.

Malala and those girls were badly injured and their condition was getting critical. All of them were flown to a hospital in Peshawar. Treating Malala was much sensitive so doctors transferred her to BirminghamEngland.

She was sent for further care and surgeries. She went through from facial surgeries because the left side of her face was paralyzed. Fortunately, she wouldn’t get major brain damage. She was getting well in Birmingham.

Malala recovery


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And finally, in 2013, she started her education again in Birmingham. She was supported by the government of Pakistan and England too. Everyone was hoping for her survival. She won the hearts of people because of her bravery and courage.


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This attack smoothened the path of Yousafzai and massive supporters stood with her. It motivated Malala and she starts raising voice for girl’s education again. Still, she is a target of Taliban because they think Malala is on the wrong way. But now Malala is not alone, millions of people are with her.

She remains an advocate for the power of education. She never stops her journey and is still with empowering and educating women.

Malala's return to Pakistan 

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Her dream of coming back to Pakistan her hometown comes true recently. On 29 March 2018, she returns back to Pakistan for the first time after a deadly attack of 2012. She was much happy with her arrival. People of Pakistan welcome the daughter of Pakistan with an open heart.

She met with the president of Pakistan and also her friends. She visited her hometown for remembering those days she spent in that beautiful place. She inaugurated a girl’s school that was built with Malala fund. She never wanted to go back but she is studying at Oxford University. Her four-day trip was much special for her.

 She was awarded many rewards. Some of them are:

>>>*   Nobel Peace Prize

>>>*   International Children Peace Prize

>>>*   Sakharov Prize

>>>*   U.N Messenger of Peace

>>>*   Ambassador of Conscience Award

>>>*   Shorty Award for Teen Hero

>>>*   Canadian citizenship

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Her efforts wouldn’t remain fruitless. She is really a superhero for all of us. No one can stop her from educating girls. People from all over the world are supporting her. She is an inspiration indeed; doing such a phenomenal work in the early age of 20 is no more than a miracle. We should also learn bravery from her life.

 I hope you like reading this post. Thank you so much for reading that post. Stay tuned for further posts.


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